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Benefits of the Job Market

Freelancing Solutions created the job market to help both job seekers and employers, by enabling an employer to send available posts within this system and also select specific selection tests, this enables employers to limit potential candidates to only those who at least understands what the job is about, thereby eliminating the need for lengthy and often expensive interview process often made necessary as a result of not being able to select suitable candidates for the interview process before hand.

This Process has several benefits:

  • By allowing Employees to write selection tests online it saves time and money for both the employer and the employee.
  • By matching Employees to jobs they are suited at this system minimizes the costs associated with hiring new talent at any company.
  • Because Job Seekers can always write selection tests available on the system this allows employers to be able to select candidates for interviews without wasting any more time.
  • Because the process allows you to show your talent by writing selection tests before hand it insures that Qualified Job Seekers get a fair chance for employment at any participating


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